English 513

Fall 2009

Dr. Fike



Aug. 26

Major Themes 

"On the late Massacher in Piemont" (Riverside 254-55)



Aug. 31

Group One:  Reason and Church Government:  "The Preface" on 903-04 and the other preface on 920-25; Group Two:  "A Tale" (digression in Of Reformation) on 891-901; and Group Three:  Of True Religion on 1151-55; see handout



Sept. 2

The Invocations

The invocation in Paradise Lost, Book 1 (lines 1-26); Blessington, chapters 9, 10, 12, and 13




Sept. 7

Invocations in Books 3, 7, and 9; Sonnets 19 and 23:  "When I consider how my light is spent" (255-56) and "Me thought I saw my late espousèd saint" (258-59); sonnet exercise


Last day to turn in a draft of RP 1


Sept. 9

Satan and Hell

Paradise Lost, Books 1 and 2; Blessington, chapter 5; handout on Blake and Shelley; Great Chain of Being



Sept. 14

Spenser, The Faerie Queene, Book I, Canto 1 (http://darkwing.uoregon.edu/~rbear/queene1.html#Canto%20I); Fish, Surprised by Sin, chapter 1 (on reserve)

First response paper due by today


Sept. 16

God, the Son, and Theology

Paradise Lost, Book 3; Blessington, chapter 6, pages 42-48; book 3 questions



Sept. 21

On Christian Doctrine 1158-59 and chapters 1, 2, 4, and 5; OCD handout; Pelagianism handout



Sept. 23

 "Nativity Ode" 38-47; "Nativity Ode" Questions; see illustrations at http://www.blakearchive.org/exist/blake/archive/object.xq?objectid=but538.1.wc.02&java=no



Sept. 28

"Lycidas," 94-107; "Lycidas" Handout; Spenser, Shepeardes Calendar, May (http://darkwing.uoregon.edu/~rbear/maye.html)

Last day to turn in a draft of RP 2


Sept. 30

Eve and Angels 

Paradise Lost, Book 4; Blessington, chapter 7, pages 58-68



Oct. 5

Continue Book 4;  On Christian Doctrine, chapters 9 and 10; Spenser, The Faerie Queene, Book II, canto 12 (cf. PL 4.691) (http://darkwing.uoregon.edu/~rbear/queene2.html#Cant.%20XII); C. S. Lewis handout

Second response paper due by today


Oct. 7

The War in Heaven

Paradise Lost, Book 5; On Christian Doctrine, chapter 7; Blessington, chapter 6, pages 48-57; handout on Burton



Oct. 12

Paradise Lost, Book 6; The Tenure of Kings and Magistrates 1057-75; Potter, A Preface to Milton 56-59 (on reserve); questions on the war in heaven



Oct. 14


Paradise Lost, Books 7 and 8; Blessington, chapter 11; Genesis, chapters 1-3 (in Blessington 112-17); questions on books 7 and 8

F Oct. 16 Your exam will be posted on my website by today.  



Oct. 19


Fall break--no class



Oct. 21

Finish discussion of Books 7 and 8; review On Christian Doctrine, chapter 7

Last day to turn in a draft of RP 3


Oct. 26

"L'Allegro" and "Il Penseroso"; "Whether Day or Night is the More Excellent" (846ff.); questions on these poems


Midterm Examination due in class


Oct. 28

The Fall

Paradise Lost, Book 9; Blessington, chapter 7, 68-75; passage assignments


Third response paper due by today


Nov. 2

Continue PL 9; On Christian Doctrine, chapters 11 and 12



Nov. 4

Comus; Sonnet XIII (pages 252-53); Comus questions; Blake's illustration: http://www.blakearchive.org/exist/blake/archive/object.xq?objectid=but527.1.wc.01&java=yes



Nov. 9

Areopagitica; Le Comte, "Areopagitica as a Scenario for Paradise Lost," in Leib and Shawcross, Achievements of the Left Hand:  Essays on the Prose of John Milton, 121-41 (on reserve); handout



Nov. 11

The Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce; assignments; sample handout; handout Last day to turn in a draft of RP 4


Nov. 16

Paradise Lost, Book 10; Blessington 76-85; questions



Nov. 18

Biblical History

Paradise Lost, Books 11 and 12; Blessington, chapter 8; assignments


Fourth response paper due by today


Nov. 23

Of Education 977-86; "Ad Patrem" 223-27; Prolusions III and VII (852-54 and 866-72); assignments; continue discussion of Books 11 and 12

Last day to turn in a draft of your research paper
W Nov. 25 Thanksgiving break--no class  


Nov. 30

Samson Agonistes; Judges 13-16; questions



Dec. 2

Paradise Regained, Books 1-4; OCD, Book II, Chapters 9, 10, and 15; handout; questions

Last day to withdraw from classes.



Dec. 7

Paradise Regained (continued)

Submit your paper to turnitin.com; course I.D. 2800236; password "winthrop"

Research paper due



Dec. 12

Exam:  3:30 p.m.

Note:  There will be no accommodations for travel plans.