Comus Handout

ENGL 513/622

Dr. Fike


1.  Lines 1-45:  What do you notice about the setting?  Is there more than one setting mentioned?

2.  Lines 46-92:  What does the Attendant Spirit reveal about Comus?  What interpretation of Comus can you offer at this point?

3.  Lines 706-55 vs. 756-99, esp. 710-27 vs. 762-76:  What are the key elements of the debate between the Lady and Comus?  How does he tempt her?  How does she discredit him starting at line 757?

4.  What is the nature of Comus's temptation of the Lady?  How is this parallel (or not) to Eve's situation in PL?

5.  What does Sabrina represent?  Why can't the Lady get out of the chair on her own?  Why can't the brothers help her?  How is Sabrina different from haemony at line 638?

6.  What do you make of Comus's aside at 800ff.?