Paradise Lost, Book 9

English 513/622

Dr. Fike


Tonight we’re going to focus on passages—an activity that will continue into our next class.  Identify the main points and/or key passages in your section.  Your goal is to guide your classmates through your section in ways that they may not have thought of before.  Six groups of two.  You have 10+ minutes to compare notes and prepare your brief presentation.

1.  The quarrel of Adam and Eve:  205-385.  Note esp. the ominous stuff at 248, 318, 343, and 385.

2.  Mythological stuff:  385-403, 505-31.

3.  Satan’s temptation of Eve, part 1:  532-654.

4.  Satan’s temptation of Eve, part 2:  655-779.

5.  Eve’s temptation of Adam:  796-1000, esp. 952-59.

6.  The effects of the fall: