Paradise Regained Questions

English 513/622

Dr. Fike




  1. What epic elements do you find here?
  2. Is there any suspense in this poem?
  3. How does Milton build in parallels to the book of Job?
  4. How does Milton use/alter his scriptural sources?  See Matthew 4:1-11, Mark 1:12-13, and Luke 4:1-13.
  5. How does PR borrow from Spenserís FQ II.vii, Guyonís sojourn in Mamonís cave?
  6. Are the seven deadly sins in the background?
  7. What kind of temptations does Satan level at Jesus?  How does our reading in this course enable you to evaluate them?
  8. What do you make of 4.551-61?
  9. Regarding divinity, what does Jesus know, and when does he know it?
  10. How does Satan offer a masculine version of the temptation of Eve?
  11. What kind of values does this poem promote?




Book 1:  Challenges to faith:  stones into bread, temptation to doubt and despair

Book 2:  Challenges to temperance:  banquet, temptation to appetite, bodily enjoyment,

               External possessions, wealth, honors

Book 3:  Temptation to personal glory and public kingdom:  worldly gifts, avarice,


Book 4:  Climax:  Rome, Athens, the tower; temptation by violence and an identity test;

               fear and terror.


Classification:  Traditional scale of ethical goods


Two types of temptation: