Book 10 Questions

ENGL 513

Dr. Fike


Questions for Group Work

Answer one or two of these questions and (if possible) find something NOT in book 10 that relates to each one.

Erika, Brooke, Ashley:

1.  Page 628-top of 629:  What do Adam, the Son, and Eve say regarding the fall?

2.  Page 633:  What do you make of the bridge between hell and Earth?

Laura, Markie, Alex:

3.  Page 639-42:  What do you make of the demons' transformation into snakes?  What will Death do according to lines 607-09.

4.  Pages 646 & 649:  What are the Fall's psychological effects?

Mo, Robin, Jason:

5.  Page 648:  What types of death are mentioned here?

6.  Pages 650-51:  What is Adam's attitude here?  Does page 651 echo DDD?

Joseph, Eric, Stephen:

7.  Page 652:  What is Eve's response?  Is Eve superior to Adam at this point?

8.  Pages 654-57:  What are Adam and Eve's options?  Which one do they choose?