Books 11 & 12 Handout

ENGL 513/622

Dr. Fike


I do not consider it fair to assign two books of PL (50 pages of poetry; more than that in ENGL 622) for a single day and expect students to come prepared to talk about all of that material.  Therefore, I am assigning short passages to groups of you (or individual persons in ENGL 622).  Do not prepare a handout or a presentation. Instead, read your section two or three times and come prepared to have a discussion of your passage with your partner (or the class in ENGL 622).  Together, (the two of) you will then help us identify some main points that are worthy of notice and possibly of further discussion.

Passage Topic Student Personnel
11.429-65 Cain and Abel Rachel
11.466-555 Lazar house Joanna
11.556-637 Tent dwellers Joanna
11.638-711 Towns at war Kathryn
11.712-end Noah Paul
12.1-bottom of page 692 Nimrod Patrick
12.113-371 Abraham et al. Everybody

Our purpose tonight is to solve a problem that relates nicely to this quotation from Fish's Surprised By Sin 287:  "Thus Adam's education, the nominal subject of XI and XII, is to be read simultaneously as an extension of his personal story, as an image of the racial experience, and as a conveniently concise summary of what the poem has taught diffusely."

1) How does your assigned passage illustrate this statement?

2) What other insights do you have about your passage?  Why is your story here, and what do you make of the things that Adam and Michael say about them?  WHAT DOES MICHAEL TEACH ADAM?

You have 10 minutes to work with your partner to prepare some remarks.


Other points to note: