ENGL 513

Dr. Fike


I do not expect you to read all of DDD, but I am giving each of you a specific assignment as follows:

To the Parliament of England, with the Assembly:  Dr. Fike

Book I:

Book II

Handout assignment:  Each of you should read at least your assigned section of the text.  Then you should construct brief abstracts of your assigned sections (all should fit onto one side of one page; they may take the form of either paragraphs or bulleted sections; the "argument" at the beginning of each book of PL may serve as a model).  On a second page, type up some really important quotations from your sections to share with the rest of the class.  Finally, list any ways in which your sections relate to things that we have studied previously.  These might include, but are not limited to, Paradise Lost and Milton's life.  Photocopy or print your two pages as a one-page, two-sided handout to class.  Bring 13 copies.  If you get your handout to me a class day in advance, I will photocopy it for you.  But please:  Give me a hardcopy--no e-submissions.  You will make a brief presentation based on your handout.