ENGL 622: Course Calendar




Aug. 21

Week 1: (Auto)biography

“On Shakespeare,” 61-62; Elegy 1, 180-82; Lives of Milton, 6-28; and Aubrey, “John Milton,” Broadview, 933-36

Milton’s Life and Times (we will go through this material in class)


Aug. 28

Week 2: More Autobiography

Milton’s Sonnets: 77-88, 250-59, 265-66, and 289-92; “On Time,” 53-54; Second Defence, 1097-1118, esp. 1115ff.; The Reason of Church-Government, book 2, 920-25; letter to a friend, 1049-50, and letter to Leonard Philaras, 1055-56

Sonnet exercise; sonnet index


Sept. 4 Week 3: Connections to the Heroes in the Second Defence and the Sonnets

In Broadview: Marvell, "An Horatian Ode Upon Cromwell's Return From Ireland," 835-37; "Upon Appleton House," 841-55; "The First Anniversary of the Government under His Highness the Lord Protector" and "On Mr. Milton's 'Paradist Lost,'" 864-71

Link to full text of Second Defence: (you can use it to search for Cromwell and Fairfax): http://www.constitution.org/milton/second_defence.htm

Cromwell/Fairfax handout

Devotional Poetry

Milton, "On the Morning of Christ's Nativity," 38-47; "The Passion," 51-52; and "The Circumcision," 54-55;

Nativity Ode questions

Donne, "Good Friday, 1613, Riding Westward," Broadview, 125-26

Paper proposal due
Sept. 11 Week 4: Pastoral Poetry

Arcades, 90-93; "Lycidas," 100-07; "L'Allegro," 66-71; "Il Penseroso," 71-77; "At a Solemn Music," 56-57; "Ad Patrem," 224-27; Prolusion 1, "Whether Day or Night is the More Excellent," 846-50

"Lycidas" Handout; questions on these poems; Lycidas PowerPoint


Sept. 18 Week 5: Milton's Masque

Comus, 123-71; Comus questions

Ludlow Castle: http://www.castlewales.com/ludlow.html

New critical analysis paper due
Sept. 25 Week 6: Milton on Religion and Theology

Of Reformation, 875-901; The Reason of Church-Government, the preface to book 1, 903-04; Of True Religion, 1151-55; and On Christian Doctrine, 1158-59 + chapters 1, 2, 4, and 5; The Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce, 930-36 (just the letter to Parliament and the Preface)

handout on Reformation, Reason, and Religion; OCD handout; Pelagianism handout; DDD handout; DDD PowerPoint

Oct. 2 Week 7: Writings about the Civil War

The Civil War: This link contains your reading and group assignments.
Historical Chronology

Annotated bibliography due
Oct. 9 Week 8: Milton on Politics, Censorship, and Education

The Tenure of Kings and Magistrates, 1057-75; Eikonoklastes, 1076-95; and Areopagitica, 997-1024; Prolusions 3, 852-54, and 7, 866-72; and Of Education, 980-86

Hobbes, Leviathan, chapter 18, Broadview, 246-50

Eikonoklastes handout; image 1; image 2; Areopagitica handout

Oct. 16 Week 9: Milton's Epic

Paradise Lost, books 1-3;

Blake and Shelley Handout; Great Chain of Being

Researched outline due (<20 pages)
Oct. 23 Week 10:

Paradise Lost
, books 4-6; On Christian Doctrine, chapters 7, 9, and 10

C. S. Lewis handout; handout on Burton; Questions on the war in heaven;


Oct. 30 Week 11:

Paradise Lost
, books 7-9; On Christian Doctrine, chapters 7 (again) and 11-12

passage assignments; PL 9 PowerPoint


Turnitin.com information: Course I.D.: 6719232; password: winthrop.


Full researched draft due (send it to turnitin.com)
Nov. 6

Week 12

Paradise Lost
, books 10-12


Nov. 13 Week 13: Milton's Closet Drama

Samson Agonistes; SA questions

Nov. 20 Week 14: Milton's Short Epic

Tonight is our final class.

Paradise Regained
; and On Christian Doctrine, book 2, chapters 9, 10, and 15

 handout; PR questions

Nov. 27 Week 15: No class

Thanksgiving Break

Dec. 2 Week 16

This is a Monday, the last day of classes for the semester. Please bring your paper to my office, BANC 258.

Final paper due
Final Examination: Wednesday, Dec. 4, 6:30-9:00