Sonnet Index


How soon hath Time: 85

Captain or Colonel or Knight at Arms: 86

Lady that in the prine of earliest youth: 87

Daughter of that good Earl (Margaret Ley): 88

A Book was writ of Late call'd Tetrachordon: 250

I did but prompt the age: 251

To Mr H. Lawes: 252-53

When Faith and Love (Catherine Tomason): 253-54

On the late Massacher in Piemont: 255

When I consider how my light is spent: 256

Lawrence of vertuous Father: 257

Cyriack, whose Grandsire: 258

Methought I saw: 259

On the new forces of Conscience: 265-66

On the Lord Gen. Fairfax: 289-90

To the Lord General Cromwell: 290

To Sir Henry Vane the Younger: 292