Dr. Louis Pantuosco
Professor of Economics
Thurmond 420
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Current  Concerns

Chapter 1 & 2

Macro Review Notes

National Debt

Housing Price Data C-S Index

Money Creation Notes

Monetary Aggregates

Sample Money Creation Questions

Interest Rate Outline

Calculating Interest Rates

Bond Notes

Interest Rate Assignment

Bond Rules

Notes on Interest Rate Determination

Additional Notes on Interest Rate Disparities

Interest Rate Disparities and Foreign Exchange Rate Variations

Value of the Dollar Headlines

Fisher Theory  Sample Questions

Fisher Explained


Phillips Data

Keynes Theory and Sample Questions

Keynes Explained

Friedman's Theory

Friedman Sample Questions

Phillips Relation Data

Monetary Policy Introduction Notes


Budget Deficit Data

H.R. 5018 Rules versus Discretion

Janet Yellen's latest speech

What is the FOMC?

What is the FED Challenge?

Latest Report on Wages