Dr. Louis Pantuosco
Professor of Economics
Thurmond 420
Office 803.323.4621
E-mail pantuoscol@winthrop.edu

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Syllabus Spring 2018 - Section 2

Introduction to Economics

History of Microeconomics

Types of Economic Systems

Free-Market Breakdowns

Theory of Comparative Advantage and Trade

Income Data

Trade Statistics

Sample Trade Questions

Notes on Demand and Supply

A Different Approach to Learning Demand and Supply

Quantity Demanded vs Demand Changes

Demand and Supply Power Point Slides

Sample Demand Questions

Sample Demand and Supply Questions

Demand and Supply Applications Slides

Exam 1 Topics Guide

Elasticity Notes

Elasticity Power Point Slides

Consumer Behavior Notes and Questions

Deriving the Demand Curve Notes

Deriving the Demand Curve Example

Deriving the Demand Curve Homework

Accounting Costs vs Economic Costs

Cost Notes

Cost Curves Example

Production and Cost Slides

Sample Costs and Productivity Questions

Costs and Productive Questions Answers

Market Structures Matrix

Perfect Competition Notes

Explaining the Perfect Competition Graphs

Perfect Competition Slides

Decision to Shut Down

Decision to Shut Down Sample Questions

Patent Slides

Monopoly Notes

Monopoly Power Point Slides

Consumer and Producer Surplus

Natural Monopoly Slides

Price Discrimination Slides

Monopolistic Competition Notes

World of Imperfect Competition Slides

Oligopoly Notes

Oligopoly Models


Labor Market Notes