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Fall 2018

See Blackboard (NOTE: Books have changed from Past Courses)

Past Courses

American Government PLSC 201

  Campaign Management and Political Communication PLSC 510

Controverseries of the American Founding

Public Opinion PLSC 313 

Politics of the American South PLSC 518/ AAMS 518

Religion & Politics in America PLSC 616

Scope & Methods PLSC 350

Campaigns & Elections in America PLSC 390

Survey Research & Data Management PLSC 514

Political Parties & Practical Politics PLSC 307
(aka Parties and Campaigns & Elections)

  State and Local Politics PLSC 202

PLSC 490 - Senior Capstone

Voting & Political Participation HONR 201H

Religious & Political Controversies of the American Founding PLSC 390




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