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Laura Rinaldi Dufresne

Professor of Art History
Coordinator, Art History Programs
Department of Fine Arts, Winthrop University
Rock Hill, South Carolina, 29733
102 McLaurin, 803 323 2661
Book Arts in Context

Current Courses

Arth 176 Renaissance through Modern

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Art of the Book Retrospective
Lewindowski Gallery, Winthrop University
Opening September 30th 6:30-8pm

Louvre, Paris

Getty Arts Center

Metropolitan Museum

Uffizi Museum & More

"Christine de Pizan presents her Book to Margaret of Burgundy"

The Treasure of the City of Ladies, Paris BN fr. 1177, folio 114 c. 1475.

Courses Taught:

ACAD 101 Principles of the Learning Academy

HMXP 102 The Human Experience

ARTH 175 Ancient through Medieval Art

ARTT 298 Art Appreciation

ARTH 340 Cooperative Education

ARTH 341 The Art of Ancient Greece & Rome
ARTH 342 Early Medieval Art

ARTH 343 High & Late Medieval Art

ARTH 344 Italian Renaissance Art

ARTH 345 Northern European Renaissance Art

ARTH 346 Baroque and Rococo Art

ARTH 450 (Honors) Ideas in Art

ARTH 451 Art History Methods
ARTH 453 The Art of the Book

ARTH 480-482 Special Topics
Renaissance Rivals
Gender Issues & Art History
Independent Studies

ARTH 580/680-ICONOGRAPHY: Meaning in Art

ARTH 680-682 & 690
Iconography & Iconology
Series & Narrative
Independent Studies