Resources for "The Art of the Book"

Syllabus for Spring 2009

Bookmaking Tutorials

Coptic bookbinding reference site: and a site showing how to stitch a Coptic binding:

The Bookarts Web's tutorials page (not on the Net anymore; I retrieved it using the Wayback Machine at

The Bookarts Web:  (Note: its e-zine, The Bone Folder, is online here)

Some bookmaking tutorial links:

The Altered Books website:

You-Tube Video of How to Sew a Coptic Book: (part1) and (part 2) (Also, if you search "bookbinding" on YouTube, there are a number of videos...)


A PowerPoint Presentation of some of our work

Jo's PowerPoint on Manuscript Technologies

My friend Susanna's wonderful Quietfire bookbinding supplies webpage (some of the best prices on the web and excellent service): 


Articles and Websites Discussed in the Class

DeHamel (sorry this was so pale, I'll try to re-scan it)


Melissa McCormick, "Genji goes West":
(stable link from J-Stor)

Bede's Life of St. Cuthbert from Fordham University ORB:
  If you have time, this British Library exhibit on the Lindisfarne Gospels has some images from Bede's Life:
  Who was Bede?

Les Tres Riches Heures of Jean Duc de Berry: images of the months

See more images and the Millard Meiss commentary at

The Gutenberg Project at Keio University (Japan): great images of the Bible in very high-resolution scans.

Keio's HUMI project for early printed books:

And one of my ancestors blows it, big time:

Samuel Edgerton, "The Renaissance Development of the Scientific Illustration"

Enter the Blake Archive at the U of Virginia

Here is the Anne Higonnet article for week 9

Here is the Johanna Drucker article for week 11.

The Janet Zweig (note spelling) article is available online through the library databases ArtIndex and Academic Search Premier. The info is Janet Zweig, "Artists, Books, Zines," Afterimage 26.1 (1998): 4-5. If the hyperlink doesn't work, you'll have to go in yourself and follow all the links to pull up the full-text citation.