Internet Resources for Studying Middle English
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Studying the Language and the Time Period: General Resources

The Glossarial Index of Middle English (mostly Chaucer):

Harvard Guide to Learning Middle English Pronunciation, Grammar, and Vocabulary:

Middle English Dictionary:

The Labyrinth (one of the biggest on-line resources for medieval studies):

The Vulgate Bible (closest version to the version known in Medieval England):

Search Engine for the Vulgate:

The Douay-Rheims Bible (English translation of the Vulgate Bible):

The New Catholic Encyclopedia (fastest and best source to get "official" medieval church info):

Calvin College's online guide to Bible commentaries (The Christian Classics Ethereal Library): See especially the Worldwide Study Bible,

Resource Page for Bible Study (for early Christianity, provided by Volda College):

The Luminarium Anthology of Middle English Literature and Resources:

The Fordham ORB Internet Medieval Sourcebook:

Jack Lynch's Medieval Resources on line:

The Early English Text Society:

Dennis Jerz's list of medieval religious terminology:

Specific Author Sites

The Middle English Texts Collection at the University of Virginia's E-Text Center:

The Chaucer Metapage at UNC-CH:

Edwin Duncan's Chaucer Page:

The International Piers Plowman Society:

The Piers Plowman Electronic Archive (UVA):

Murray McGillivray's list of links for studying the works of the Pearl-Poet:

Wessex Middle English Lyrics project:

The Wycliffite Bible: entire text online at Northwest Nazarene University (Idaho):

Dr. Alan Baragona's Dante Page at VMI: (scroll down for the Dante links)

The Mapping Margery Kempe Web Page: (If this doesn't work, go to and look for Sarah Stanbury's faculty web page.)

The Julian of Norwich Web Page: 

The Camelot Project at the University of Rochester (all things Arthurian): 

The International Marie de France Society:

Judy Shoaf's translation of eight of Marie's Lais:

Bob Hasenfrantz's online edition of Ancrene Wisse:

Bella Millett's prototype Ancrene Wisse EETS edition:

The TEAMS online collection of edited Middle English texts: 

Dr. Koster's haphazard list of Medieval Drama resources:

York Mystery Plays home page (next cycle performance should be 2012):

Chester Mystery Plays home page (not sure when next performance will be):

The Towneley Plays Project (U of Calgary):

Dr. Koster's Arthurian Lit resources page:

Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog (the insiders' favorite page, complete with the greatest t-shirts in Medieval Lit):