Dr. Koster's Haphazard Collection of
Online Resources for the Study of Medieval Drama

Medieval Drama Links

Modernized script of The Castle of Perseverance by Alexandra Johnston of the University of Toronto
The e-text of Mankind (thanks to Professor Alan Baragona!)
The script for our performance of Mankind, complete with pictures (big file! slow to load!)
The REEDS resources page with lots of links for medieval performance and stagecraft
Alan Baragona's Medieval Drama page at VMI
Michael Hanly's Medieval Drama page at Washington
Sydney Higgins' Medieval Drama omnibus (the biggie, and thanks to Prof. Higgins for providing the updated link!)
Luminarium's Encyclopedias, Bibliographies, and General Reference Links for Medieval Drama
Homework Central's Medieval Literature Links
NetSerf's Medieval Drama Resources
Middle English Plays, Articles, and Essays Online
REED (Records of Early English Drama)
Meg Twycross & Pamela King's York Doomsday Plays Project
The Millennium Performances of the York Plays (Summer 2000! Be there!)
The York Corpus Christi Plays simulator
The Everyman Page
An ambitious senior Honors Thesis from Plymouth State College on staging Everyman by Patrick Ian White (click here for shadow copy)

General Medieval Resources
The Labyrinth (online medieval resources clearinghouse)
The ORB (online reference book for medieval literature)
University of Kansas Index of Medieval Bibliographies online
The U of Virginia's Online Medieval Texts Archive
The TEAMS (Teaching Medieval Studies) Online Texts Library
The Luminarium
NetSerf (Catholic University of America)
The Internet Medieval Sourcebook
The WWW Virtual Library for Medieval Europe
The Argos Search Engine for Classical and Medieval Subjects
Illuminated Manuscript Sites
Jack Lynch's Medieval Resources Online
The Catholic Encyclopedia Online
The Bible Online--either in the Douay-Rheims translation (a close translation of the version the Middle Ages knew) or in the King James Version (the 1611 Authorized Version)

Specialty Pages

Chaucerian Cookery
Medieval Costume(1)
Medieval Costume (2)
Medieval European Costume Links
Medieval Music (The Internet Renaissance Band (with audio files))

Writing and Researching About Literature
The English/Core home page
Dr. Koster's Guide to Writing a Critical Paper
Avoiding Plagiarism
The Writing Center has links to MLA documentation (of both paper and electronic sources) and many other helpful links.
Links to Literary Terms at the U of Kentucky and at the U of Richmond

More links are forthcoming....

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