Rusinko, Joseph Dr. Joseph P. Rusinko
Associate Professor
Director of Undergraduate Research:
 College of Arts and Sciences

Winthrop University
Mathematics Department
167 Bancroft Hall
Spring 2015 Schedule
12:30-4:00 INBRE lab hours
4:00-5:00 Office Hours

8:00-9:15 MATH 351

8:00-11:30 INBRE lab hours
12:30-5:00 INBRE lab hours

8:00-9:15 MATH 351
12:30-4:00 CAS-Undergraduate Research
3:00-4:00 GRE Subject Test workshop
4:00-5:00 Office hours

8:00-11:30 INBRE lab hours
12:30-1:45 Office Hours

Faculty Information
Undergraduate Research Opportunities For Winthrop Students

Winthrop University REU-Bridging Applied and Theoretical Mathematics. National Science Foundation supported program funds eight students from across the US for a nine week research experience in mathematical biology. 

South Carolina Idea Networks of Biomedical Excellence:  The NIH program provides opportunities for STEM students to participate in faculty guided biomedical research.

McNair Scholars Program:  An DOE sponosred graduate school preparation program from students from underrepresented populations.. 

Winthrop University Research Council:  Winthrop funded program which supports student and faculty collaborations.

 Additional NSF-Funded REU Programs:  Several Winthrop students have recently participated in  Research Experience for Undergraduates programs at institutions throughout the U.S.

Research Interests
My current research focuses is in algebraic geometry and its applications to biology.   The highlight of my academic career has been working with undergraduates on projects ranging from math education to phylogenetics.  If you are a past, present or future Winthrop student interested in getting involved research please email me.