About Me

I have been an instructor at Winthrop University for 5 years teaching several general Geography courses (Human Geography, World Regional Geography), Regional Geography Courses (Geography of Africa, Geography of Latin America, Geography of East Asia), and applied Geography Courses (Remote Sensing, Economic Geography, Global Environment and Sustainability).

In order to focus more on teaching, I left the geospatial consulting company I was working for and started Bluewater Geospatial Consultants.  My consulting career includes fifteen years of experience in various geospatial technical and management positions.  Most of my work experience has been in the private sector (Space Imaging, Motorola, Infotech) but I got my start with a state agency in Texas dealing with oil spill response and management of state lands (Texas General Land Office). 

I have been involved in projects around the world dealing with data acquisition from airborne and satellite platforms, feature extraction, cartographic map production, GIS application development, and new product development.  

I received a B.S. in Geography from Texas A&M University.  I stayed and completed an M.S. degree at Texas A&M specializing in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing.  My Thesis was titled "Predicting Forest Insect Outbreaks: The Role of Landscape Structure in the Epidemiology of the Southern Pine Beetle."  The study used the principles of landscape ecology along with tools such as GIS and remote sensing to accurately define the structure and function of the forest as it relates to the Southern Pine Beetle.  The goal was to predict Southern Pine Beetle insect outbreaks based on landscape structure and disturbances.