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Collection Analysis for Ida Jane Dacus Library


Ida Jane Dacus Library, Winthrop University's main campus library, conducted an in-depth analysis of its collections using OCLC's WorldCat Collection Analysis tool. Dacus Library compared its own collection's age and uniqueness with its peer group of nine academic libraries, benchmark groups in areas pertinent to Winthrop, and authoritative bibliographies of important titles.


About the "WorldCat Collection Analysis" tool


Winthrop subscribes to OCLC's WorldCat Collection Analysis (WCA) service. WCA is a tool designed for OCLC member libraries' analyses of their collections and for comparing their own collections with peer group and benchmark libraries. Benchmark groups are pre-compiled (and fixed) by OCLC. Peer groups are fully customizable: a university library selects from the entire pool of OCLC member libraries the specific libraries in its academic peer group. WorldCat is the online database comprised of OCLC member libraries' holdings data which are contributed by OCLC member libraries (including Winthrop). The WCA tool pulls from these data and enables libraries to design their own customized comparisons.


Winthrop's collection analysis methods


Dacus Library used the Collection Analysis tool's entire range of available report modules in order to glean as complete an analysis as possible. Analysis components include:

More detail about the components of analysis can be found on the Methods page. For further illumination, the Site Map reveals how this site is structured and lists the analysis components at a glance; the Site Map also mirrors the drop-down menu found at the top of each page throughout this site.


Data included -- How to navigate this site


The home page and analysis methods describe how this library collection analysis was conducted. The analyses themselves contain descriptive as well as comparative data. Descriptive data include basic information about Winthrop's university library: age of collection, uniqueness / overlap, and circulation (lending / borrowing). Comparative data show Winthrop's library collection in relation to its academic peer group, pertinent benchmark library groups, and authoritative bibliographies of important library materials.


To find any specific information, simply use the drop-down menu at the top of each page to find data of interest. Hovering on the each menu choice will produce a drop-down list of more detailed analysis components to choose from. You'll find the following information under each menu tab:



Winthrop's library collection reflects a long history of excellence in supporting the university's academic programs. The data reflect Winthrop's high quality library collection despite its relatively small size. Even compared with its peer group, leading benchmark groups of much larger libraries, and authoritative bibliographies of important academic titles, Winthrop shares many of the core titles needed for reliable delivery of key knowledge milestones. Winthrop is equally adept at supporting its local needs with unique library materials in areas such as local history. Detailed results of this collection analysis are easy to find with the drop-down menu at the top of each page. Alternatively, click "Site Map" and choose the desired topic from its comprehensive lists of analysis reports.


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