Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Visitors,

Welcome and thanks for visiting my faculty webspace. 

This entire website is being overhauled. Most of the content is still on the old page. To access it, please visit the original pages with the original material while the redesign is still ongoing. Some content for starters:

  1. New Acquisitions: Listed by year (since fy2002-2003 and begun July 1, 2002), this site includes purchases, gift-fund purchases, and gifts added to the library collection. Each year's new acquisitions are broken down by discipline. Current through the most recent completed month.
  2. For library liaisons and in-house selectors: Collection Management Handbook.
  3. Collection analysis: benchmarks, age of collection, etc.
  4. Library fundraising for learning resources: Bi-Lo-Boosters, Friends of Dacus Library.
  5. Research, scholarship, and publications.
  6. Library / Research Instruction: Class Materials