Dr. Trent Kull

    Winthrop University

    Department of Mathematics


Office:  Bancroft 154

E-mail:  kullt@winthrop.edu

Phone:  803.323.4547

Courses, Spring 2019

MATH 111:  Everyday Mathematics

MATH 393:  Geometry, Measurement, and Data Analysis Concepts for Teachers

MATH 513: Complex Analysis

*Students should log on to Blackboard for course details.  Instructions are near the end of this webpage.

  Other courses taught

ACAD 101:  Principles of the Learning Academy

MATH 104:  Trigonometry for Calculus

MATH 105:  Applied Calculus

MATH 150:  Introduction to Discrete Mathematics

MAED 200:  Introduction to Mathematica

MATH 201:  Calculus I

MATH 202:  Calculus II

MATH 261:  Foundations of Discrete Mathematics

MATH 300:  Linear Algebra

MATH 301: Calculus III

MATH 303:  Advanced Mathematical Problem Solving

MATH 305:  Introduction to Differential Equations

MATH 311:  Real Analysis

MAED 392/592:  Field Experience in Teaching Mathematics

MAED 400:  Assessment Capstone

MATH 400:  Senior Seminar

MATH 450 Honors:  Advanced Differential Equations

MATH 471: Undergraduate Research in Mathematics

MATH 550:  Special Topics in Differential Equations (Elementary Partial Differential Equations; Complex Analysis)

MAED 694:  Problem Solving & Proportional Reasoning

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