Using Listserv E-mail Lists in Dr. Kís Classes

To better inform you and to give you a chance to talk with each other about the materials and assignments in my classes, I use the Winthrop Listserv system. This lets you send a message to me and all the students in our classónot just me. Each classís home page has buttons that will let you send such e-mails without typing in the address. You are required to subscribe to the class listserv.

How Do We Send Messages to the Listserv?

To send an email to all the students in your class, simply send a message to the appropriate classlist address for your class.

What if You Are Not on the List?

On the back of the class attendance sheet, Iíve stapled the list of all students currently subscribed to the class listserv. Students will NOT be automatically on the list if you didn't have a Winthrop account at the time the list was created. Currently about 90% of the student population is covered, but the remaining ones will have to subscribe manually. To subscribe or unsubscribe manually, please go to  for instructions.

Can I Get Mail at an Off-Campus E-mail Address from the Listserv?

Students who use an off-campus email address can still use the list by setting their Winthrop email address to autoforward to their off-campus address or by manually subscribing to the list.

How Do I Forward List Messages to Another E-mail Account?

When you applied for your accounts, you received either a blue handbook or a green stapled handout that included full instructions on using the student web-based email system (known as pobox). Auto-forward settings are covered. If not, simply log in and look for a link near the bottom of the first (main menu) screen that says "Change Mail Forwarding Information". If you click on the link and follow the instructions to enter your off-campus e-mail address, mail sent to the listserv will automatically be forwarded to them.

If you have any questions, call Information Management at x2400 ext 4. They have Power Over The Computers and Can Fix Things. I can only sympathize.