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This will be your first (ungraded) adventure in thinking about how you read electronic texts. By Tuesday of next week, I would like you to read the class syllabus/website carefully and to then write down your understanding of various points and any questions you have as a forum post on http://WRIT501.ning.com. This is so I can be sure you understand what you are getting yourself into. This will be graded 'complete/not turned in'--so you must complete it on time!

Read all the different main pages—Overview, Calendar, Syllabus, Assignments, Students and Resources—and read them carefully. Look over the calendar closely to see what the shape of our work is over the semester (but keep in mind that not all the assignments are yet posted—and that this calendar may change, depending on the needs of the class). You may want to use a blank sheet of paper to sketch out a site map of how the pages relate to each other (that's a good habit to develop as you analyze websites).

After you have read, please write approximately 500 words in response, using the following questions to guide you. (Please do not write your response as a sentence-by-sentence echo of these questions; instead, please work & play to come up with a creative but coherent way to respond... Think about the layout of your response and the typefaces you choose. Make these things be part of your overall argument. Make this be your first creative layout for this class.)

Submit your response to the Forum on http://WRIT501.ning.com by the evening of August 31 so that people will have the opportunity to share and discuss your responses. I'll start a discussion thread for the topic.