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This page was last updated on 11/23/2009 but will continue to evolve.

Response to the Syllabus. Ungraded, to be discussed in class on September 1

Technology Autobiography. Graded S/U, to be discussed in class on September 8. Should be posted on http://WRIT501.ning.com by the evening of September 7 so that people can read and comment on them.

Shorter Assignments. Graded S/U. You will choose 5 of these to turn in throughout the semester. These will have you applying and practicing the rhetorical principles and theories we discuss in class. These count as 10% of your grade.

Online writing community activities. This counts as 35% of your grade. Posting, discussing, commenting, and otherwise participating on our class Ning site throughout the semester.

Portfolio Assignment with Metanarrative. Revised versions of some of the short aassignments with commentary. Counts as 35% of your final grade. Must be delivered to me (format TBA) by 5 PM Tuesday December 8

Final Examination. Friday, Dec. 11, 6:30 PM. Owens 203. We will have guests.

WRIT 501 Fall 2009