Pride and Prejudice Resources

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  1. List of characters, with detailed information and hypertext links.
  2. Links to passages illustrating the themes of "pride" and "prejudice".
  3. Notes on random topics
  4. List of important places in Pride and Prejudice, and in Jane Austen's life, with map of England.
  5. 1895 Charles E. Brock illustrations for Pride and Prejudice [JPEG images] (includes notes on Regency clothing styles) [New] New larger clearer scans
  6. Picture of Jane Austen <JPEG>
  7. BBC and other film/video adaptations of Jane Austen's novels, (including the 1995 TV version of Pride and Prejudice).
  8. Go to Jane Austen info page.


PL Duffy Resource Center, Trinity University, Perth, Australia: tremendous resource page for the novel:

A great fan page with tons of links:

A&'s study guide to P&P:

(Unfortunately, the wonderful A&E pages on the novel have disappeared from the web. Alas, hypertext is not permanent.)