An Outline of Paradise Lost

Book I        After the expulsion of the devils from heaven; Satan's character

Book II    The council of devils in Pandemonium; the plot is laid

Book III    The council in heaven; the introduction of the Son

Book IV    Satan's attempt to seduce Eve

Book V    Raphael teaches Adam about the War in Heaven

Book VI    Raphael finishes the story of the War in Heaven

Book VII    Raphael teaches Adam the story of creation

Book VIII    Adam tells Raphael his and Eve's history and is warned of Satan's plot

Book IX    The Fall

Book X    Judgment; Satan is rejected by the council of Pandemonium; Adam and Eve reconcile

Book XI    The Son intercedes for Adam and Eve; Michael delivers the sentence

Book XII    The Promise of Redemption (Protevangelium); the expulsion from the Garden