One of the most surprising developments in recent fiction is the re-emergence of the Victorian novel in a postmodern form. In some cases Victorian story lines are examined from new points of view or are given sequels or prequels. Occasionally, Victorian writers or fictional characters are placed in entirely new literary settings. In exploring the critical foundations of Realism, sometimes these novels imitate or satirize 19th century literary forms or moral and political assumptions. What is it about our era that makes drawing on the Victorian age so attractive? What light does this development shed on the nature of Postmodernism? We will read novels published since 1964 that focus on Victorian England. Generally they are set in the Victorian period (1837-1901) and are clearly related to one or more works of Victorian literature. Corollary films and brief readings will provide the Victorian background needed for understanding and appreciating how neo-Victorian novelists modify the original texts.