Quartet Puzzling with Biologically Symmetric Invariants

This page is for readers of the paper Invariant Based Quartet Puzzling by Joe Rusinko and Brian Hipp who would like to view the source code and/or run the program that we created for our study.

Click on the link below to download a zip file that contains the source code, supporting files, and Windows compiled executables.

The two executables included are: In order to use our program you will need to have the Phylip software package installed on your computer. This software is available for download at http://evolution.genetics.washington.edu/phylip.html,

In order to test the software, you will also need the data sets referenced in the paper:
"Quartet based phylogenetic inference: improvement and limits." By Ranwez V., Gascuel O. Molecular Biology and Evolution. 2001 18: 1103-1116.
These data sets are available for download at http://www.atgc-montpellier.fr/quartet/