Dr. Jeannie Haubert Weil
Winthrop University

Office: Kinard 336

Phone: 803-323-4293  Email: weiljh@winthrop.edu

Areas of Interest:
Social Stratification, Race and Ethnic Relations,  Immigration


Recent Publications:
Haubert J. and E. Fussell. 2006. "Explaining Pro-Immigrant Sentiment in the U.S.: Social Class, Cosmopolitanism, and Perceptions of Immigrants" International Migration Review 40(3).

Gotham K. and J. Haubert 2007. "Neoliberal Revitalization: Prison Building, Casinos, and Tourism in Louisiana". in Urban Communication: Production, Text and Context eds. Timothy A Gibson and Mark Lowes.

Weil, Jeannie Haubert. 2007. "Discrimination, Segregation, and the Racialized Search for Housing Post-Katrina" in Through the Eye of Katrina: Social Justice in the United States eds. Kristin A. Bates and Richelle S. Swan. Raleigh, NC: Carolina Academic Press.

Works in Progress:
Latinos in Coastal Mississippi:
Housing Discrimination Pre and Post-Katrina



SOCL 201 "Principles of Sociology'

SOCL 313 "Social Inequality"

SOCL 314 "Race and Ethnic Relations"

SOCL 319 "Population Studies"

SOCL 498 "Senior Seminar"

SOCL 516 'Social Research II: Methods'

HMXP 201 'Who Am I?"


University Service:

Common Book Project