Services Available to Students


Students with Disabilities/Need of Accommodations for Access

Winthrop University is committed to providing access to education.  If you have a condition which may adversely impact your ability to access academics and/or campus life, and you require specific accommodations to complete this course, contact the Office of Accessibility (OA) at 803-323-3290, or, Please inform me as early as possible, once you have your official notice of accommodations from the Office of Accessibility.

Winthrop's Academic Success Center

Winthropís Academic Success Center is a free resource for all undergraduate students seeking to perform their best academically.  The ASC offers a variety of personalized and structured resources that help students achieve academic excellence, such as tutoring, academic skill development (test taking strategies, time management counseling, and study techniques), and group/individual study spaces.  The ASC is located on the first floor of Dinkins, Suite 106. If you wish to request a tutor, you must attend ONE Tutee Seminar, offered during the first half of the semester. Please contact the ASC at 803-323-3929 or if you have any questions.    For more information on ASC services, please visit    Tutoring for this course is offered through the office.

Winthrop Universityís Office of Nationally Competitive Awards (ONCA)

Winthrop Universityís Office of Nationally Competitive Awards (ONCA) identifies and assists highly motivated and talented students to apply for nationally and internationally competitive awards, scholarships, fellowships, and unique opportunities both at home and abroad. ONCA gathers and disseminates award information and deadlines across the campus community, and serves as a resource for students, faculty, and staff throughout the nationally competitive award nomination and application process. ONCA is located in Dinkins 222. Please fill out an online information form at the ONCA webpage and email for more information.

The Office of Victims Assistance (OVA)

The Office of Victims Assistance (OVA) provides services to survivors of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking as well as educational programming to prevent these crimes from occurring. The staff assists all survivors, regardless of when they were victimized in obtaining counseling, medical care, housing options, legal prosecution, and more.  In addition, the OVA helps students access support services for academic problems resulting from victimization.  The OVA is located in 204 Crawford and can be reached at (803) 323-2206.  In the case of an after-hours emergency, please call Campus Police at (803)323-3333, or the local rape crisis center, Safe Passage, at their 24-hour hot-line, (803)329-2800. For more information please visit:

CBA Resource Room. The College of Business maintains a Student Resource Room in Thurmond 107.  Students have access to computers with the latest Microsoft Office software, the Internet, and a True-Color flatbed scanner. Tutors are also available for assistance with selected business courses, ACCT 280, 281, QMTH 205, 206, ECON 215, 216 and FINC 311.  Hours for the Resource Room are established at the beginning of each semester and are posted on the bulletin board outside of the room.  Note that some tutors can help with CSCI 101.

Writting Center. The Writing Center can help students begin their papers, develop their ideas, add evidence, and work with them to improve their editing skills.