Winthrop McNair Scholars at UGA 

I am an Associate Professor of Psychology at Winthrop University. I utilize a host of multimedia resources in my courses including Blackboard. In addition to teaching courses listed below, I collaborate with students on research and offer a student teaching internship. One way I apply my professional expertise outside of the classroom is that I serve as an expert on attachment in family court. I'm also proud to serve as the first director of  The Winthrop McNair Scholars Program.


Courses I currently teach include:


Developmental Psychology (PSYC 206)


Advanced Child Development (PSYC 411, Fall)


McNair Research Experience (MCNR 300, Summer)


Graduate Application Preparation (MCNR 302, Fall)



Climbing the Career Ladder


Information on Careers in Developmental Psychology.




Contact Information

Dr. F-W's Office Telephone
Psychology: 803-323-2641
Winthrop McNair: 803-323-2125
Psychology Department Telephone
Psychology Department FAX
Postal addresses
Department of Psychology, Winthrop University, 134 Kinard Hall, Rock Hill, SC 29733
Winthrop McNair Scholars Program, WInthrop University, 104 Dinkins Hall, Rock Hill, SC 29733
Electronic mail

*A note about letters of reference: If you would like Dr. Fortner-Wood to write a letter of reference for you, please follow the advice on this webpage

Recent Scholarship


Farr, R. (Chair), Willis Hepp, B., Baltimore, D. (Discussant), & Fortner-Wood, C. (Accepted). Diverse Families and Globalization: Legal and Policy Landscapes of Adoption. Symposium accepted for the 76th annual meeting of the National Council on Family Relations. Baltimore, MD. (My paper is titled The Family Court Side of Adoption – What Happens When the Adoption is Contested?)


Fortner-Wood, C. (Accepted). Everything you need to know to prepare competitive graduate applications. Presentation accepted for the 76th annual meeting of the National Council on Family Relations. Baltimore, MD.


Fortner-Wood, C. (2014). Improve their chances of getting in: How one graduate application course helps undergraduates succeed. Poster presented at presentation at the 26th annual meeting of the Southeastern Conference on the Teaching of Psychology, Atlanta, GA. 


Fortner-Wood, C., Baltimore, D. (Chair), Hrapczynski, K., Leslie, L., Willis Hepp, B., Heiden Rootes, K., Miller, B. (2013, November). Addressing the Best Interests of Children within the Changing Landscape of Adoption: Improving Well-being, Policy, and Practice.  Symposium presented at the 75th annual meeting of the National Council on Family Relations. San Antonio, TX. (My paper was titled Attachment and Adoption – The Value of Expert Testimony.)


Fortner-Wood, C. & Kelly, K. (2013, March). Teaching with “Clickers.” Invited presentation at the 25th annual meeting of the Southeastern Conference on the Teaching of Psychology, Atlanta, GA.  


Fortner-Wood, C., Armistead, L., Marchand, A., & Morris, F. (2013). The Effects of Classroom Response Systems on Student Learning and Attitudes in Undergraduate Psychology Courses. Teaching of Psychology (40), 26-30.


 Fortner-Wood, C. (2012, November). Clickers: Know when to hold ‘em. Invited presentation for faculty at S.C. Psychology Association Academic Day, Charleston, SC.


†Edwards, A., Fortner-Wood, C., Palmer, A., Ford, G., Jessop, K., & Duggar, K. (2012, November). How to build a  research team of undergraduate students: Guidelines for graduate students and new faculty. Presentation at the 74th meeting of the National Council on Family Relations, Phoenix, AZ.


            Fortner-Wood, C. & Jones, G. (2012). Winthrop University McNair Postbaccaluareate  Achievement Program. Renewable TRiO grant funded in 2013 by the U.S. Department of Education: $1,100,000 (PA207130111: $220,000/year for five years).

Some of My Favorite Websites

Professional Organizations

bullet Division 7 (Developmental Psychology) of the American Psychological Association
bullet American Psychological Association
bullet Society for Research on Child Development
bullet International Society on Infant Studies
bullet National Association for the Education of Young Children
bullet National Council on Family Relations
bullet International Society for the Study of Behavioral Development (ISSBD)
bullet Association for Psychological Science

See Also
bulletChronicle of Higher Education
bulletZero to Three
bullet The Future of Children
bulletChildren's Defense Fund
bulletKids Count: Annie E. Case Foundation
bulletAgency for Health Care Research and Quality

Information on Child Development Research, Theory, and Practice
bulletThe Program for Infant/Toddler Care
bullet Purdue's Infant-Toddler Specialist Web Site
bullet Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE)
bullet Stony Brook Attachment Theory and Research Web Site
bulletZero to Three

Information for Parents and Children

All About Young Children


American Academy of Pediatrics Symptom Checker 


Parenting FAQ

bulletAmerican Academy of Pediatrics
bulletMayo Clinic
bulletNational Stepfamily Resource Center
bulletChildren's Television Workshop (Activities and Parenting Information)
bulletThe Administration for Children and Families
bulletCenters for Disease Control
bulletDepartment of Health and Human Services
bulletFood & Drug Administration
bulletLa Leche League International--Breastfeeding Information
bulletAHCPR Agency for Health Care Policy and Research
bulletHealthfinder Government Health and Medical Information
bulletNational SIDS Resource Center
bulletCommittee for Children: Youth Violence Prevention and Social-Emotional Learning

Games and Activities for Children

bulletPBS Kids
bullet Starfall
bullet Choose My Plate
bullet Interactive Nutrition Games for Kids

Information for Parents of Children with Special Needs
bulletParents Helping Parents
bulletNational Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities
bulletCouncil for Exceptional Children
bulletInternet Resources for Special Children
bulletDivision TEACCH (Information on autism)
bulletDown Syndrome
bulletC.A.S.T. For Kids Foundation (Volunteer organization)

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