This assignment is optional but recommended.


Write me a minimum of four sentences. 

The first should complete this sentence:  "My focused topic is____________."  Fill in the blank with a narrowly focused illustration from your own experience.  It should be something that happened.  Do not fill in the blank with "the idea that. . . ."  And make sure that you mention a focused topic, not a topic or an area of inquiry.

The second sentence is your textual connection.  It is very okay to type up a short quotation from your text to illustrate your statement.

The third sentence states the question or problem that you want to solve.

The fourth sentence, which answers your question or responds to the problem, is your thesis statement.  It should read as follows:  "Although . . . , I will argue that . . . because. . . ."  All three parts should be about AND INCLUDE your focused topic.  Your thesis must also have a textual connection:  mention something from one of our authors.  It may help you to write the main clause as follows:  "I will use [my focused topic] to argue that," etc. 

Note:  Make sure that the parts of the thesis make logical sense and that they do not merely state events.

There are examples of proper thesis statements in the "How To" and "Paper One" slide shows.  See also How To Revise a Thesis

I would prefer to have you type your submission.  I will, however, accept neatly printed sentences as long as your paper does not have a ragged left edge and as long as you are using blue or black ink.

If you put your e-mail address on your paper, I will e-mail you comments before our next class.  If you have questions, come see me; please do not e-mail me back.  You guys are "digital natives," but further discussion is for office hours.