MW Section

  1. We have the capacity for understanding many more things and more complex things, but we choose to stick with what we already know.
  2. Tradition is just one of society's crutches and, since I am such an unconventional guy, another thorn in my side.
  3. The shadows cast upon the wall would be perceived as reality, rather than the actual objects because the prisoners have never physically seen the concrete, definite objects.
  4. The idea of me not opening up my options as much as I could have can be seen through my stubbornness.
  5. Although some people may think that racism is a thing of the past, despite their thoughts racism is not of the past, it is everywhere you step because people who are dwelling in their ways are not willing to accept people for who they are.
  6. Many see beauty queens as pretty girls with no brains that only want "world peace," but coming from a personal point of view, I know first hand that there is more to a beauty queen than outward appearance.
  7. I feel that I could have been looked at as being stubborn.
  8. My case is an example:  it is after being exposed to relationships with gay people that I have been able to escape from my stage of cave dweller and consequently discover their open-minded world that is free of judgments.
  9. After a couple of years of feeling pressure and feeling like he needed to do what was expected of him he made up his mind to finally go on his mission.
  10. In my opinion, if a person has led a life of kindness and has repented for their sins, they will go to heaven regardless of how someone leaves this world.
  11. Imagine walking around during the biblical times.  The views people had back then were strictly based on the Bible and what it said.
  12. Metaphorically it all makes perfect sense.
  13. Doug has never judged someones political beliefs just because it is different than his own political beliefs.
  14. Usually when I meet someone it is as a result of them being around my existing friends a lot or being in a situation in class where I have to talk to them.

TR Section

  1. This trust is enormous and the media is the only means of knowing what is really happening in the government, the outside world and more directly, the war in Iraq.
  2. For instance, when I talk to one of my parent's friends, I say "yes ma'am" when I am speaking to her.
  3. This is also a large reason why many people are turned off by "church folk," which they believe to be wishy-washy and lack any dedication to their so-called beliefs.
  4. He is saying that when a person is presenting their argument, they should hold back information, and say exactly what they believe.
  5. One of the biggest fears for people today is that they may be doing or saying the wrong thing.
  6. I was amazed, however, to see that so much liquor had been consumed in the little neighborhood; and the number of bottles convinced me that I was seeing the signs of serious indulgence.
  7. I live harmoniously because I limit my thoughts by not allowing many of them to be expressed in order for me to participate in the harmony of my society.