Plato's "Apology"

1.  What does "apology" mean?

2.  What three sections is the dialogue divided into?

3.  How old is Socrates?

4.  In his remarks, which does he emphasize--content or style?

5.  What two kinds of opponents does Socrates have?

6.  What do his opponents say about him?

7.  Why are people against him?

8.  What is his attitude toward wisdom?

9.  What is the most pervasive stereotype of Socrates?

10. What are the most recent accusations against him?

11. What points emerge from Socrates's dialogue with Meletus?

12. Is Socrates ashamed of his actions?  Why or why not?

13. Why is the fear of death a "pretense of wisdom"?

14. Does Socrates fear death?  Why or why not?

15. If he is let go, will he change his ways?  Why or why not?

16. What claims does Socrates make about the outcome of his death and his role in Athens?

17.  Why did Socrates never become a politician?  Is he a threat to democracy?

18. How much does Socrates get paid?

19.  Will he try to elicit sympathy or pity from his judges?

20. What penalties are proposed?

21.  What is his preferred penalty?

22. What will happen after his death?

23. What does Socrates's inner voice say about the death penalty?

24. What does he think follows death?

25. Why does Socrates mention Palamedes, Ajax, and Achilles?

26. What request does Socrates make?

27. By what method is he executed?