Peer Editing Exercise

HMXP 102

Dr. Fike


You must contribute a paper in order to participate in this exercise.

Directions:  Read a classmate's paper.  Write answers to the following questions.  After you have written answers to all 8 questions, you may have a discussion.  Everyone who participates should be able to take home a partner's written critique.  Write first, then talk. 

1.  Does the paper have a properly focused topic?  If so, what is it?  If not, can you suggest one?

2.  Thesis: 

a) Are all three parts about the focused topic? 

b) Are there any purely factual statements here? 

c) Is the "although" clause in a proper opposition to the main and "because" clauses?

d) Is the textual connection in the thesis?

3.  Is Background One about ONLY the textual connection?

4.  Does Background Two (about the focused topic) need further development?  If so, what do you suggest?

5.  Does the topic sentence of the argument paragraph echo the main and "because" clauses in the thesis?

6.  Does the topic sentence of the objection paragraph echo the "although" clause in the thesis?  Do the objections really object to the arguments, or are they just place holders?

7.  Does the reply paragraph include both concession and rebuttal?  Does the rebuttal a) overturn the objections and b) support the argument and thus the thesis?

8.  Does the conclusion explain what the author has learned about him/herself by writing this paper?