Paper One Thesis Statements

GNED 102

Dr. Fike


MW Section (reproduced here exactly as you wrote them, spelling mistakes included)

  1. If giving up a full ride to UNH (University of New Hampshire) to come down south to attend WU (Winthrop University) elludes to me being crazy, then crazy I am.

  2. In order to find truth, one must break free from the safety of the cave's life cycle and move forward, even if he or she is alone.

  3. The different lifestyles, such as same sex relationships, that have been introduced to me in college is considered unacceptable to my parents who are still prisoners in the cave.

  4. Humans are able to think critically, but we rarely take advantage of it and we replace it with ignorance.

  5. Although seeking out a higher truth and a thirst for knowledge are comendable, good things, the world needs some "cave-dwellers" for stability.

  6. Religion can cause one to have a closed mind, which in many ways would make he/she a cave dweller.

  7. In the process of overcoming racism, everyone should have the ability to express their views publiclly, but there are certain violent voices that should not be allowed because they will only result in destructing a harmonious society.

  8. There are many situations and stages throughout a person's life that may cause him or her to become a cave dweller; however, choosing to remain a cave dweller is a personal decision.

  9. I am a cave dweller and I know people who are, but we are open to new ideas and change; which gives us the ability to see the light outside the cave.

  10. Being a "cave dweller" is not always necessarily a bad thing since it means someone who is set in their own ways or beliefs, but in most situations being a "cave dweller" can affect your perception on life as well as others perceptions towards you such as; a persons outlook on government beliefs.

  11. Although we are told throughout life to tell the truth, what is real the truth?  Is it what your parents tell you, what the Bible tell you, or is it a scientific fact.

  12. Free thought and expressions are given to us [?] as a law.  However censorship can be good to help protect people.  The media shows vivid images of people who are tortured and then have nothing to do with the outcomes.  Children gain access and people who are unstable gain acess. 

  13. A soccer game is war.  It is made up of small individual battles on the pitch over the bull [?] ninety minutes just as war is made up of small battles.  Such battle is important to win the game.  War is the game [?] it is the same pressure and you must be in the same mindset.

  14. If you commit suicide you will not go to hell.

  15. Homosexuals have the same rights and capacity to love as do heterosexuals.


TR Section (reproduced here exactly as you wrote them, spelling mistakes included)


  1. Truth is the reality of any situation, it is how it is percieved and the U.S. media's "truth" is a censored version of the actual "truth" behind the war in Iraq.

  2. Many people are raised with certain inherited beliefs, often times religious dogmas, but some never some to their own reality and believe for themselves.

  3. In most discussion forums, censorship is to be avoided, unless an argument is being presented to someone of higher rank or authority, and holds the prevailing opinion.

  4. Is censorship on the war in Iraq really necessary or is it a good way to keep our nation safe.

  5. The education system we know today may not be the best way of teaching.

  6. The "truth" wich differ from person to person may not necessarly be everybody's.  The Truth should be a state of clarity, a common ground for every opinion.

  7. I had to break away from my chains in order to overcome my shyness.

  8. Despite a truth presented my whole life by my parents concerning formal education, neither my mother or father followed the traditional requirements and both encompass more knowledge than the average person, implying that formal education can be construde as a "shadow" and is not the truth.

  9. Through my experiences with my inner "oracle", I have become more aware of and feel a special connection to Socrates and his inner "oracle".

  10. There is only one God who is The Truth and not a truth.

  11. Although martyrdom allows testimony to transcend mortality, the ultimate sacrifice cannot replace day-to-day sacrifices because the courage to live according to my beliefs will accomplish more than a mere determination to die for them.

  12. My personal experiences with loved ones going to war and my viewing of the movie Farenheit 911 makes me realize that when it comes to war and politics, I have been a cave dweller.

  13. When hip-hop artist Kanye West said, "George Bush doesn't care about black people," he said what I believe to be true, and it was something that needed to be said.