English 622-001:  Milton in Context

Fall 2013, 3 credits

Course Description

This course is designed to help you understand Milton's poetry in light of his life, his prose works, the history of the 17th century, and various non-Miltonic prose and poetical works. Requirements include a term paper in multiple stages, a final examination, and regular mini-presentations to the class.


Student Learning Outcomes

Content Knowledge

 The student will demonstrate knowledge of:

Skills in Analysis, Writing, and Communication

The student will:


Note: Our use of the Broadview will be limited. It is possible to get by with photocopies of the poems from resources in the library or online. The prose works will probably have to be photocopied from a classmate's book. Not having the book would be inconvenient but not impossible. Flannagan's anthology, however, is essential.

Course Requirements--Student Learning Activities (Performance Measures)

Notes: (1) Papers should be a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 20 pages of text plus works cited. (2) I reserve the right to have you redo work so that I can justify giving you maximum credit. I also reserve the right to raise your grade at the end of the semester if your final draft is substantially better than your previous work. (3) The researched draft should be submitted to turnitin.com. Course I.D.: 6719232; password: winthrop.

Grading System

You will be graded on a 100-point scale as follows:  A, 95-100; A-, 90-94; B+, 87-89; B, 83-86; B-, 80-82; C+, 77-79; C, 73-76; C-, 70-72; D+, 67-69; D, 63-66; D-, 60-62; F, 0-59. 

Attendance and Other Policies

Such policies as appear in this section should not be necessary in a graduate seminar; nevertheless, here they are in case we need them.

Syllabus Change Policy

Here is the university's policy: "The version of your instructor's policy posted on her/his website, WebCT site, or www.turnitin.com site is the official policy statement for your class. This page may change during the semester, so make sure you check it frequently to keep up with changes."

Students with Disabilities

Winthrop University is dedicated to providing access to education. If you have a disability and need classroom accommodations, please contact Gena Smith, Coordinator, Services for Students with Disabilities, at 323-3290, as soon as possible. Once you have your Professor Notification Form, please tell me so that I am aware of your accommodations well before the first assignment, test, or paper.

Student Conduct Code

As noted in the Student Conduct Code:  “Responsibility for good conduct rests with students as adult individuals.” The policy on student academic misconduct is outlined in the “Student Conduct Code Academic Misconduct Policy” in the online Student Handbook (http://www2.winthrop.edu/studentaffairs/handbook/StudentHandbook.pdf).

Handheld Devices

You may not use any electronic devices in class unless I give you specific permission or unless you have official accommodations from Services for Students with Disabilities. See the College of Arts and Sciences' policy on handheld devices at http://www2.winthrop.edu/artscience/AppropriateUseApprovedPolicyMar2010.pdf. You must have hardcopy texts in front of you at all times.

Format for Papers

Word-processed, double-spaced papers are required. Only black print will be acceptable. Print only on one side of the page and do not use the draft function. The margins should be 1.25". If you use MS Word, the required font is called Courier New, 12-point (Courier NEW, not Courier). Put your name at the top of page one, number your pages, give your paper a title, and underline your thesis statement like this; boldface your topic sentences in the body like this (note: the introduction and conclusion do not have topic sentences). Staple your pages together 1/2" from the upper left corner; do not use paper clips or bend the pages over at the top. Use the MLA format to document all sources used, including the primary ones. Even your preliminary assignments must have a list of works cited. I will ask you to redo a paper if it is not in the proper format (the main thing is to use Courier New 12-point, which looks like this). I do not accept electronic submission of written work, but you must send your researched draft to turnitin.com. Handwritten work is unacceptable, as is any font other than Courier New 12-point.