Behn's The Rover

ENGL 520

Dr. Fike


Group One: Consider the following women in terms of commodification: Aphra Behn, Restoration actresses, the play’s virgins, the play’s prostitutes. Think especially about the virgin’s costumes and the courtesan’s three portraits. Do you make anything of the fact that Aphral Behn and Angelica Bianca are both A.B.? What kind of critique is Behn making 17th-century women’s situation?

Group Two: Consider the attempted rapes in the play, especially those in II.v and IV.v. See also Florinda’s comment at I.i.79-84 and Angelica Bianca’s song in II.i. It would help to do a little research on laws regarding rape in the 17th century. What kind of critique of “rape culture” is Behn making?


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