Herrick Activity

ENGL 520

Dr. Fike


When we studied Donne, I gave you principles of his metaphysical poetry to watch out for, and then we looked at illustrations in specific poems.  Herrick is not a metaphysical poet, and the easy accessibility of his poems calls for a different approach.  Your job is to work in groups to identify major themes, ideas, motifs, attitudes, implications, conclusions, etc. in Herrick’s poems. 


Here is a list of poems to which we will devote close attention in class.  I will assign one group of poems to each group of students.  The headings should suggest a starting point, topic, or theme.  Try to establish Herrick’s position vis-à-vis each area.  I will give you an opportunity to mull over your ideas with your group, and then you will share them with the rest of the class.  This is a fishing expedition:  see what you can bring to the surface.






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