Bacon Questions

ENGL 520

Dr. Fike



Everyone should prepare answers to the questions on “Of Studying.”  In addition, work in groups to prepare responses to the questions about the paired essays—one pair of essays per group.  Our basic objective is to identify Bacon’s main themes and ideas related to “man in his social setting." 


“Of Truth” and “Of Simulation and Dissimulation”:


 “Of Marriage and Single Life” and “Of Love”:


“Of Seditions and Troubles” and “Of Empire”:


“Of Travel” and “Of Plantations”


“Of Studies” (1625 version)


You will want to do the following things as you prepare your paired essays for Wed.’s class


My goal, in other words, is to dial back my own role in the discussion and to allow you to teach each other.  Focus on your assigned essays.  Come up with a handout that conveys their content and responds to the questions on the handout.  Then share your discoveries with the rest of the class in some oral remarks.  This does not mean that you should read your handout, but it will serve as a helpful reference point.