Final Examination (Spring 2014)

English 514

Dr. Fike

The following question reflects the fact that all of the texts that we have studied since the midterm examination focus on love, women, or both.  One might argue, however, that one concept unifies all of them: namely, the Neo-Platonic ladder of love mentioned in Hoby's translation of The Courtier.  As you explain this concept, you should recall and discuss a version of the LOL that we encountered in the first unit of our course.  Then use it to analyze works by Marlowe (E2), Shakespeare, Lanyer, and Lock.  Consider, in particular, how this so-called ladder is a key to analyzing and evaluating both virtue and viceThen apply some element of the same concept to two of our earlier authors--Marlowe (Dr. F) and Spenser.  In other words, define the LOL, use it to critique the works that we have studied since the midterm examination, and apply it to a subset of the authors whose works we studied in the first part of our course.

Although this is a fairly open question, you should not take that as a license to be less than rigorous.  I am not interested in your ability to summarize or recite what we have read; I want you to analyze and synthesize it around a controversial thesis (think evaluation), which you should underline.  The result should ideally be a new and unique reading of the course material.  In other words, I want you to go beyond what we said in class.

You will need to bring a large bluebook or bluebooks (8.5 x 11," available at the bookstore) and two blue or black ballpoint pens.  You are welcome to use books and notes at the exam.  Bring your own copy of this exam paper.  Please write legibly and make sure that your printing is large enough for me to read without straining my eyes.  If your handwriting is huge, double-spacing will help me decipher your essay.  In any case, one-inch left and right margins are essential. Please do not write below the last line on the page.  Write only on one side of the page.

Your examination will take place at 8:00 a.m. on Friday, May 2nd.