Anne Lock Handout

English 514

Dr. Fike


A recap of the assignment:  The Collected Works of Anne Vaughan Lock, pages 4-8, 62-71, 76-78, and 187-89; Isaiah 38 (Hezekiah) and Psalm 51 (basis for the sonnets). 


Groups:  Everyone should do 4.  I will assign 1-3 and 5 to small groups.  As you work outside of class with your partner(s), Felch's introduction may be quite helpful to you.


  1. Theme and organization:
    1. What are the main themes of the dedication to Suffolke?
    2. How is it organized?

    2.   Imagery:  Figure out the imagery in the dedication to Suffolke, especially medical imagery and various types of oil.  Track down the images and explain their significance. 

    3.  Biblical allusion:  How do the following passages relate to the dedication to the Duchesse of Suffolke?


  1. Other segments:  What does Lock say about "the afflictions of this world" in the dedication to the Countess of Warwick, the introduction to the book, and her poem "The necessitie and benefit of affliction"?  How are the two dedications similar or different?  If you really want to be high tech, check out the first sermon for further connections.  By the way, how does the dedication reflect the situation of women in Locke's time?