Elizabethan History

English 514

Dr. Fike


For our purposes today, the history of the 16th century centers on the struggle between Catholicism and Protestantism.


      1330    John Wycliffe is born (d. 1384):  The Morning Star of the Reformation


1509       Henry VIII takes the throne (d. 1547).


1517    John Foxe is born (d. 1587).


1534    Act of Supremacy:  Henry VIII severs the Church of England from Rome.


1547       Edward VI (Protestant) reigns (d. 1553).


1553       “Bloody Mary” (d. 1558) restores Catholicism as the official religion.  The “Marian Persecution” ensues.  Lady Jane Grey is executed.


1554    First edition of Acts and Monuments is published in Latin.


      1555     Ridley and Latimer are martyred.


1558     Elizabeth I takes the throne (d. 1603).


1563     Church of England publishes The Thirty-eight Articles of Religion.


1570     Pope Pius V issues Bull of Excommunication, excommunicates Elizabeth,

 releases English Catholics from obligation to obey her.


1580     Pope Gregory XII endorses the assassination of Elizabeth; as a result, she

 represses Catholicism.


1587     Mary Queen of Scots (a Catholic) is executed.  Foxe dies.


1588     English navy defeats the Spanish Armada.


1601         Essex is executed.


      1603     Elizabeth dies.