Day Two Handout

ENGL 514

Dr. Fike


Edmund Spenser, The Faerie Queene V.ix.49-50

The trial of Duessa:

All which when as the Prince had heard and seene,
  His former fancies ruth he gan repent,
  And from her partie eftsoones was drawen cleene.
  But Artegall with constant firme intent,
  For zeale of Iustice was against her bent.
  So was she guiltie deemed of them all.
  Then Zele began to vrge her punishment,
  And to their Queene for iudgement loudly call,
Vnto Mercilla myld for Iustice gainst the thrall.

But she, whose Princely breast was touched nere
  With piteous ruth of her so wretched plight,
  Though plaine she saw by all, that she did heare,
  That she of death was guiltie found by right,
  Yet would not let iust vengeance on her light;
  But rather let in stead thereof to fall
  Few perling drops from her faire lampes of light;
  The which she couering with her purple pall
Would haue the passion hid, and vp arose withall.


Arthurís defeat of the giant Orgoglio, FQ I.viii.19-20:

And in his fall his shield, that couered was,
  Did loose his vele by chaunce, and open flew:
  The light whereof, that heauens light did pas,
  Such blazing brightnesse through the aier threw,
  That eye mote not the same endure to vew.
  Which when the Gyaunt spyde with staring eye,
  He downe let fall his arme, and soft withdrew
  His weapon huge, that heaued was on hye
For to haue slaine the man, that on the ground did lye.

And eke the fruitfull-headed beast, amaz'd
  At flashing beames of that sunshiny shield,
  Became starke blind, and all his senses daz'd,
  That downe he tumbled on the durtie field,
  And seem'd himselfe as conquered to yield.
  Whom when his maistresse proud perceiu'd to fall,
  Whiles yet his feeble feet for faintnesse reeld,
  Vnto the Gyant loudly she gan call,
O helpe Orgoglio, helpe, or else we perish all.


Shakespeare, As You Like It 3.3.10-14

When a manís verses cannot be understood, nor a manís good wit seconded with the forward child, understanding, it strikes a man more dead than a great reckoning in a little room.  Truly, I would the gods had made thee poetical.


AYLI 3.5.81-82

Dead Shepherd, now I find thy saw of might,

ďWho ever loved that loved not at first sight?Ē