Study Guide for the Bedford Companion

ENGL 305

Dr. Fike


Note: This document is under construction. It will grow with each assignment and be complete by the end of the Spring 2013 semester. Not all of the passages in the slide presentations are represented below; therefore, you will surely want to review the slide shows.

Shakespeare, "Shakespeare," and the Problem of Authorship, 11-28

Comedy, 81-85

Performances, Playhouses, and Players, 109-28; esp. The Countryside, 225-28

"I Loved My Books": Shakespeare's Reading, 145-62

Mixed Modes, 97-98

Town and Country:  Life in Shakespeare's England, 219-36

Primogeniture, 263-65

History, 90-94

From His Notes of a Conversation with Queen Elizabeth I about Richard II

The Theater and the Authorities, 123-25

Testimony about a Performance of Richard II, 140

Politics and Religion: Early Modern Ideologies, 303-25

Holinshed, 185-86


Tragedy, 85-90

Aristotle, from Poetics, 101-05

Men and Women: Gender, Family, Society, 253-77

Romance, 94-97

Aristotle, Poetics, 101-05

John Fletcher, from His Preface to The Faithful Shepherdess, 107

"I Loved my Books":  Shakespeare's Reading, 156-57

Sir William Strachey, From A True Reportory of the Wreck and Redemption of Sir Thomas Gates, 180-82