R2 Day Three Questions

ENGL 305

Dr. Fike


Gaunt's Speech in 2.1

What does Gaunt mean when he calls England “This other Eden, demi-paradise”?  You may want to reference 3.4.71-76.

What images do you find in Gaunt’s speech?  Identify as many as you can.

What advice does Gaunt try to give Richard at lines 93-114.

Factoid: Gaunt had been England’s regent and had ruled the country when R2 was younger.


Richard's Attitude in 3.2

What does Richard believe about the earth here?  About kingship?

What is ironic about his statements?  See 3.2.67.

How do you evaluate Richard’s attitude?

How does his attitude change at 3.2.144-77?  What about 3.3.77-90?

What is Richard’s point about the sun?  If time allows, track down some of the play’s other references to the sun:  3.3.62ff., 3.3.178, 4.1.221-22.

Can you make a connection to the time imagery at 5.5.41-53?

Garden Scene in 3.4

What literary technique does this scene illustrate?

What is the gardener’s basic point?

What does the Queen mean by England’s “second fall,” and who is “old Adam”?

What is ironic about Bolingbroke’s role?  You may want to reference 2.3.166-67.

Richard's Final Speech in 5.5

What does Richard say about the nature of thoughts?

What is Richard thinking about? 

Does he identify a contradiction in Christian doctrine?

What are the prominent images in the passage?

How does his speech further our discussion of time?

When Richard dies, is he confident of his salvation?

Ultimately, how does he imagine himself?  Not as a king but as a what?

What insight(s) has he achieved?