MSND Chart Exercise

ENGL 305

Dr. Fike


Part One

Directions: Work in groups to organize, on separate paper, the following items into columns that correspond to Athens in act 1, the woods in the middle acts, and Athens in act 5.


Items: unconscious mind, night is ordered, reorder, separation, reincorporation, law (4.1.152), harmony, father/duke, sun/day, duke, reason, “green world,” city, license, male, wasteland, eroticism, marital sexuality, father, lovers, chaos, imagination, aunt (1.1.157), city, reason and imagination, transition, female, order, husband & wife, moon, the unconscious integrated, conscious mind

Part Two

Directions: Now add the following figures along the left margin of your three-column chart. Then develop your chart horizontally with three items for each figure. The three items should correspond to Athens-woods-Athens; in other words, considering development over time will help you organize.



Figures: Aristotle, Dante, Milton, Greater Romantic Lyric, Blake, Freud, Jung, Campbell



Items: return, Experience, Ego, beginning, hell, paradise, here/now, id, Organized Innocence, superego, confrontation with the unconscious, ego, purgatory, here/now, Self/individuation, departure, fall, Innocence, encounter, paradise regained, there/then, middle, end