Calendar for Fall 2017

ENGL 305

Dr. Fike

Our submission information: I.D.: 15476566; password: winthrop.

Lesson planners should look for equivalent assignments in the syllabus.



Writing Due

W 8/23

1) Introduction to the course.


M 8/28

2) Bedford Companion: 11-28, 81-85, 97-98, 109-28, and 225-28; A Midsummer Night’s Dream, act 1. MSND Day One Handout. Read the PP before class: Yes.

Pre-proposal due

W 8/30

3) MSND, acts 2-4. Bring Handout of Passages and MSND Chart ExerciseMSND Day Two Handout. Read the PP: Yes.

Pre-proposal returned

M 9/4

Labor Day—no class.


W 9/6

4) BC: “I Loved My Books”: Shakespeare’s Reading, 145-62; MSND, act 5. MSND Day Three Handout. Read PP: Yes.


M 9/11

5) BC: 219-36, 263-65; As You Like It, acts 1-3. AYLI Day One Handout. Read PP: No.

Proposal due

W 9/13

6) AYLI, acts 4-5. Day Two Handout. Read the PP: No.

Proposal returned

M 9/18

7) More on AYLI and information on the midterm examination. Day Three Handout. Read PP: No.


W 9/20

8) BC: 90-94, 107, 123-26, 140; The Tragedy of King Richard II, acts 1-2. Read Annotated Bibliography Assignment. Handouts: R2 ChartHerbert’s “The Pulley,” Mortimer handoutDescendants of Edward IIIR2 Day One Handout. Handout on British Kings. Read PP: Yes.


M 9/25

9) Library Orientation: Meet in the computer classroom in the library's basement (at the base of the stairs go left).

Analysis Paper

W 9/27

10) R2, acts 3-4; R2 Day Two Questions. Read PP: No. We will talk about library research and the annotated bibliography assignment today.

M 10/2

11) R2, act 5; R2 Day Three Questions. Read PP: No.

AP returned

W 10/4

12) BC: 185-86, 303-25; King Henry IV, Part I, acts 1-2.

1H4 Day One Handout. Read PP: Yes.


M 10/9

13) 1H4, acts 3-4. 1H4 Day Two Handout. Read PP: Yes.

Annotated Bibliography

W 10/11

14) 1H4, act 5. 1H4 Day Three Handout. Read PP: No.

Bibl. returned

M 10/16

Fall Break—no class


W 10/18

15) Exam in class today: Bring a large bluebook (8.5x11”) and a blue or black ballpoint pen.

 Midterm Examination

M 10/23

16) BC: 85-90, 101-05; Hamlet, acts 1-2. Bring Hamlet Chart; Hamlet Chart with linesHamlet Day One Handout. Read PP: No.


W 10/25

17) Critical listening day. Bring Hamlet Extra Day Handout.

Midterm returned

M 10/30

18) Hamlet, acts 3-4; review these soliloquies before class: 1.2.129ff., 2.2.549ff., and 3.1.56ff. There is no handout for today. Read PP: No.


W 11/1

19)  BC: 253-77; Hamlet, act 5. Hamlet Day Three Handout. Read PP: Yes.

M 11/6

20) King Lear, acts 1-2. King Lear Day One Handout. Read PP: No.

Outline returned

W 11/8

21) KL, acts 3-4. King Lear Day Two Handout. Read PP: Yes.


M 11/13

22) KL, act 5; Stephen Greenblatt, “Shakespeare and the Exorcists.”  You will also need the Greenblatt Handout.  Please number the paragraphs in the article. Read PP: No.


W 11/15

23) Extra KL day: the ending. Read PP: No.

RP Draft (


24) BC: 94-97, 101-05, 107, 156-57, 180-82; The Tempest, acts 1-3. The Tempest Day One Handout. Read PP: No.

You do not need to look at the following before class:


W 11/22

Thanksgiving Break—no class.


M 11/27

25) Tempest, continued. The Tempest Day Two Handout. Read PP: No. (Conferences would be a really good idea this week and next.)

Draft returned

W 11/29

26) Tempest, acts 4-5. Tempest HandoutMontaigne exercise; “Of Cannibals.” Read PP: No. (The exercise is for your reference. You do not need to bring it to class. We will do something else.)

M 12/4

27) Last day of class. Bring your laptop computer. (Portfolio: a file folder containing your cover letter, conference abstract, final draft, and old draft with comment sheet, in that order.)



Bring a large bluebook and a blue or black ballpoint pen. Travel plans and work schedules are not acceptable reasons for rescheduling the final examination. Do not make vacation plans before checking the exam schedule.

Wednesday, December 6th, 3:00: Final Examination.

Final Examination