Romanticism/Emotion/Sentimentality                  Realism/Practicality


Love at first sight (314, 3.5.82);                         "sell while you can, you are not for

Cupid at 317, 4.2-205-6                                    all markets" (313-14, 3.5.35ff.)


Conventional lover:  disheveled                          Young women marry older men: 

at 310, 3.2.364ff.                                             April & December at 316, 4.1.140ff.


Lust:  312, 3.3.88ff &                                       Women turn into shrews when they

315, 4.1.68                                                       marry & turn their own faults into



Dying for love at 316, 4.1.89ff.                         Nobody dies for love; in fact, you

                                                                        have to stick around and put up with

                                                                        a person for years.