Memorandum of Understanding

Dr. Fike


For the purposes of smooth operation, it will be very helpful if some basic guidelines are observed. For a fuller set of expectations, see the syllabus.

Punctuality: The class starts on time. Please be a few minutes early. If you happen to arrive late, speak to the professor after class so that he converts your absence to a tardy. Be sure to review the tardy and absence policies in the syllabus.

Reading: You are required to read, annotate, and bring to class the day's assigned materials, as indicated on the course calendar. The books required for this course are on reserve at the Dacus Library: you can make a photocopy of the day's text(s) even if you do not yet own the book.

Preparation: I send students out of the room to get their materials if they do not bring them. Tardy and absence policies apply. (Ask me why I have this policy.)

Electronic devices: In class, turn off and put away all electronic devices unless otherwise directed. Outside class, you must save your written work in more than one place. The professor does not accept excuses such as "My hard drive crashed" or "I couldn't get my paper to print." It is also a good idea to keep a hardcopy of your work in progress. Silence your watch.

Eating and drinking: While you are in this classroom (before, during, and after class), you may consume clear water with nothing in it (including ice, vitamins, coloring, sugar, leaves, fruit, etc.) but nothing else. Please do not eat in the classroom at any time!

Gum and other distractions: You may chew gum; however, if it is seen or heard, you may be asked to dispose of it. Do not click your pens or snap your highlighters or crack your knuckles. Do not do "banjo rolls" on the desk.

Comprehension: If you do not understand what the professor is saying, ask him a question about it.

Paper Four: In CRTW, Paper 4 requires attendance at a "global" cultural event. It is a good idea to attend such an event before the course's final unit. However, since not all global cultural events are appropriate for the assignment, you should ask the professor if your selected event is appropriate. See Your cultural event must take place this semester.

Conferences with the professor: If you want the professor to read your paper, ask him to do so at your conference. Bring two word-processed copies. You need to express clearly the degree of assistance you seek. He will gladly let you know if you are on the right track. He will answer whatever questions you have. But do not assume that he can read your mind.

Comments: Do not mistake constructive criticism--along with the professor's attempts to get you to think more deeply, to read and write more effectively, and to participate actively in discussion--for ill will, hostility, or some kind of intellectual coercion. He is simply trying to help you become a better reader, thinker, and writer.

Bathroom: You may go to the bathroom if you must, but you should understand that getting up, walking out, and then walking in again constitute a form of incivility in the classroom.  Organize your time properly so that you do not need to disturb the class.

Nontraditional/Post-traditional Students: Before you leave today, please make an appointment to see Dr. Fike this week.

Words to live by: Dr. John Bird's message to incoming freshmen at Convocation, August 2015: